The Royal Chocolate Workshop

The Old Town in Krakow has its own sweet secret – the real chocolate kingdom of Słodki Wierzynek!

Our Royal Chocolate Workshop was created to enable customers to take home the unique gourmet creations of our master chocolatiers. Here is how we create sweet trends and chocolate masterpieces – using a combination of many years of experience, selected ingredients, sophisticated craftsmanship and unlimited confectionery imagination.

We proudly present our unique collection of pralines, truffles, chocolate figures, bars and macaroons. The Royal Chocolate Workshop makes your sweet dreams come true!

Royal heritage

The tradition of the Wierzynek brand dates back to 1364, when a wealthy merchant, Nicolas Wierzynek, hosted a splendid feast for the monarchs of Europe on behalf of the Polish King Casimir the Great. Wierzynek overwhelmed his noble guests with a truly lavish welcome and splendid gifts. Until the present day, we celebrate this great medieval tradition of feasting and we treat every customer like a king!

Secrets of royal chocolate


TRADITION – 650-year-old history, royal heritage and one-of-a-kind traditional recipes

ARTISTRY – the master artisanal technique of our chocolatiers, certified by international awards

QUALITY – respect for our customers and the highest quality of organic ingredients.